The Schwarzwald

When I was in kindergarten one of my favorite storybook characters was Snow White. That year, before ever knowing where the Schwarzwald was, I dressed up as Snow White for Halloween. I wore a beautifully hand-sewn dress (my favorite costume that I've ever worn), and aside from my olive complexion and golden hair, I felt very much the part. Little did I know during my childhood, I would one day visit the dark forest Snow White escaped through and live near the seven hills where she was banished by the huntsman.

The Schwarzwald is a vast and dense forested area of Germany rich with culture and folklore. Sven and I were really happy exploring this beautiful setting and hiking through its forests in September. 

Schwarzwälder Schinken, or Black Forest Ham, was something I never cared to try before. But since we were in the Black Forest - I did - and to my surprise found it to be delicious, especially when sliced paper thin.

This is the Hexenloch Mill, which is located in a valley so deep, it felt as though we were driving into the pits of hell to reach it. I've heard there are some valleys in the Black Forest that never see natural sunlight.

And of course, we saw lots of coo coo clocks!

Mainz Altstadt

In September Sven and I wanted to take a trip somewhere within Germany. Though our usual go-to location is Bavaria, we decided to try something new this time and visit the Black Forest. Along the drive we stopped in Mainz for a few hours to walk around the city center and have lunch. It's hard to believe that this very quiet city hosts Carnival once a year. It was a Sunday and all the shops were closed. The only activity going on was surrounding the Cathedral, where a multicultural festival was taking place.

Mainz 012.jpg