Berlin Street Art in Mitte

The peeling layers of paper, the monochromatic stenciling, and the bright pops of color add so much character to the walls of Berlin's Mitte. 

As an artist, I find the concept of street art very intriguing because of its transformative nature. When I traveled to Tel Aviv in 2012, I photographed my sister in front of a wall covered in designs of text and red hearts. A few months later when I came across a photograph of that same wall looking very altered, I somehow felt jolted by its change. What must it feel like for the artist to see their creations constantly transformed in such a way?

After a day of visiting monuments, it was refreshing to see a neighborhood that was not completely covered with tourism. Something which I really enjoyed seeing, but only took a few (blurry) iPhone photos of, were all of the newly constructed brick and glass buildings amidst the older, more run down structures. The next time I visit Berlin, I would like to return to this area to spend more time exploring the neighborhood and shopping in its fashionable boutiques.

Berlin Street Art 05.jpg
Berlin Street Art 09.jpg
Berlin Street Art 14.jpg
Berlin Street Art 20.jpg