Cherry Blossom Avenue on a Chilly Morning

On a very grey and chilly Monday morning last week, before any of the shops and cafes opened, I visited the Bonner Altstadt to see the cherry blossoms in bloom. As I walked under the canopy of pink flowers, I photographed the trees on the quiet Breite Straße and soaked in the beauty of springtime in Germany. It's my absolute favorite time of year.

Melaten Friedhof in the Spring

Tucked away under the trees and off on a side path in Cologne's Melaten Friedhof is a Grim Reaper sculpture by August Schmiemann. I had seen images of it before and searched for this grave marker during previous walks through the cemetery, but never encountered it until my last trip there. Like many wonderful discoveries, I stumbled upon it when I least expected to.

I've posted before about Melaten Friedhof. Here are some more photographs of one of my favorite Cologne locations, this time taken in early spring.