A Summer Visit to Lago Maggiore

Earlier this summer Sven and I were in Italy to attend the wedding of some friends and we spent a week in the beautiful Lago Maggiore region of Italy. 

We stayed at the historical Villa Borghi Hotel in Varano Borghi and took day trips to a few lakeside locations. 

Our favorite town we visited was Orta San Giulio on Lago d'Orta, which overlooks the tiny Island San Giulio. The only way to get to the island is by crossing over with a small boat.

Italy 14_0022_23.jpg

Nearly every garden in Italy was filled with gorgeous hydrangeas in the perfect shade of periwinkle. This inspired us to plant some of our own hydrangeas when we returned to Germany, which I have a view of from my studio window. They are still pretty small, so I hope they last through the winter!

We also visited Milan for an afternoon. To avoid traffic, we parked outside of the city and took the train in. The Duomo Piazza had quite a "wow" factor as we exited out of the subway and had a view of  the whole piazza. From every direction stood such grand architecture, and the cathedral, which brightly reflected the sun, is breathtaking and definitely worth seeing.