Last September in Bavaria

This is not a post about dirndls.

It could have been if we had visited the Oktoberfest while in Bavaria last September. Every year as Oktoberfest approaches I am enchanted by shop windows and online photo galleries featuring German celebrities wearing dirndls. I was happy to finally have a "real" reason to wear one of my favorite items in my closet last fall when a spur-of-the-moment vacation overlapped with the festival. Dirndls are not often worn in the region of Germany where I live.

But with relaxing views of the sun shining over the mountains and the leaves on the trees beginning to turn golden, the need to rush into Munich to sit in an overcrowded beer tent didn't seem as appealing. So we stayed in the countryside and enjoyed a few day trips and hikes. My dirndl stayed in its shopping bag, but with Bavaria becoming a favorite travel location, I'm sure I'll have plenty of chances to enjoy wearing it.