Last November I visited my sister in Israel. It was an unforgettable twelve days because not only did I get to experience life in Tel Aviv as a local - my trip happened to coincide with the recent Hamas rocket attacks on Israel.

But before all of that began, I spent a very enjoyable week with Sareena, which included a visit to the Holy City of Jerusalem, shopping at the local markets in Tel Aviv (for the most delectable seasonal pomegranates I have ever tasted), and building sandcastles on the beach. The people in Tel Aviv are both very warm and casual in nature, and it didn't take long for me to adjust to this easygoing way of life. The food was delicious and nothing can match the street art.

So what do you do when your vacation of enjoying sunshine on the Mediterranean is interrupted by the unexpected? You pack up your beach towels and find a delightfully sunny spot on your sister's rooftop to sketch the neighborhood buildings and work on your sun-kissed glow. Then you make homemade hummus for dinner and remember - it's all part of the adventure! I truly cannot wait to return.