Zons and the Kaputte Füße

The small medieval village Zons was a perfect location to take Arielle to yesterday, especially since my left foot was not functioning at 100% and I couldn't do much walking. Two days ago I stepped on a chip of glass in my kitchen and not realizing it was glass, rubbed it against the other foot to remove it, causing a deep cut that just would not stop bleeding! I probably would have captured the beautiful Dexter-esque blood splattered all over our parquet flooring, but it was difficult to grab my camera without trailing more blood around the living room. And then poor Sven had to carry me through the streets of Büderich to the doctor's office so it could be treated. The whole scene was rather comical - I even had to get a Tetanus shot.

With my foot wrapped in bandages and not fitting comfortably into any shoes, I was at first a little discouraged from going anywhere. But I managed to unlace a pair of Converse and get over the fear of my shoe filling with blood and just enjoy the afternoon with my sister.