Night of the 14 Scorpions

The Verein Meerbuscher Künstler is currently having their annual group exhibit at the Teloy-Mühle in Meerbusch-Lank, and this year I am showing photos from my "Night of the 14 Scorpions" series.

Scorpions 001.jpg

White Tank Mountain Regional Park

Arizona, United States of America

The Arizona Bark scorpion is an animal native to the Sonoran Desert in the southwestern United States. It is the most venomous of scorpions in North America, injecting an excruciatingly painful poison that can be lethal to its prey, children and the elderly.

When the last of the evening light fades and the temperatures decrease, the scorpions emerge from the stones and piles of wood on the desert floor, moving about nearly undetected under the night sky. Only while shining UV flashlights on the ground are they recognizable, glowing like bright stars against their dark background. The scorpions glow because of their exoskeletons, which contain molecules that absorb and re-emit UV light as visible light.

I have visited Arizona many times over the past twenty years, but only recently saw scorpions in their natural habitat. Determined to find these desert creatures, I went on an evening hike with UV flashlights and my camera in tow. At dusk I trekked up a pathway and turned around once the light began to fade. First I saw one, then another, and another, until finally I observed and photographed a total of 14 scorpions. My photo process involved two people shining UV lights onto the scorpions while I quickly photographed them. To avoid unwelcome stings, the photographing was frequently interrupted by checking the ground around our feet. The danger surrounding the subject matter and the thrilling possibility of the scorpions stinging at any moment made for an exhilarating photo-taking experience. 

These pictures have not been altered in any way, and show the scorpions as I saw them, glowing in neon colors under the UV flashlights.

Scorpions 002.jpg
Scorpions 003.jpg
Scorpions 004.jpg
Scorpions 005.jpg
Scorpions 006.jpg
Scorpions 007.jpg
Scorpions 008.jpg
Scorpions 009.jpg

Cherry Blossom Avenue on a Chilly Morning

On a very grey and chilly Monday morning last week, before any of the shops and cafes opened, I visited the Bonner Altstadt to see the cherry blossoms in bloom. As I walked under the canopy of pink flowers, I photographed the trees on the quiet Breite Straße and soaked in the beauty of springtime in Germany. It's my absolute favorite time of year.